With Limited Fees, Re-Decorating Your Condo With These Three Ways

When you have a condo, there are a number of things that you should pay close attention to regarding the size of the condo that is not so large. So, you must pay attention to every corner of the room and the function of the room in order to maximize the space in the room. Another thing that is also important is comfort. You can choose uptown farrer condo to get maximum comfort.

There are many people who finally redecorate their condo because they feel uncomfortable with the existing decoration. However, there are a number of tricks you can do to decorate a condominium room even though you have a small fee. Some of the tricks in question are

1. Use Mirror
Mirror is one way to make a wider illusion of a room. Especially if your apartment does have a small size, by placing several mirrors strategically the room will appear wider and wider than it really is.
In addition to making optical illusions, mirrors are also able to be used to expand the lighting that is automatically reflected from the mirror surface. The mirror can replace the window function and for sure you have to put it in the right position.

2. The right lighting
One way to make theĀ uptown farrer condo room look wider is to choose the right lighting. Install lights on each corner of the apartment so that each room has sufficient lighting.
Not only hanging lamps, you can install wall lamps or lights on the ceiling of the apartment for the purpose of making your eyes wider.

3. Strategic furniture placement
Before you plan to buy furniture, you have to determine every purpose for each room. For example, a sleeping bed which of course must be in the bedroom while the sofa must be in the living room. After buying furniture that is really needed, you can add some additional furniture that will provide other colors and textures in the room.
Laying furniture does not always have to stick to the wall because if you put it too attached, the room seems cold and unattractive.