Watch modifying is quite a rare hobby

Indeed, there are a lot of things around us that often become objects of modification, especially motor vehicles which are usually identical to this activity. However, do you know that even though the watch is not always seen as a target for modification even in the popular watch store?


One of the most important forms of modification that can be applied to almost all watches is to replace a strap/bracelet, or what is often called a “watch strap.” Materials commonly used are leather, nylon, rubber, and stainless steel such as stainless steel, titanium, so. For the various models, there are NATO, Zulu, bund strap, Milanese, pilot, Jubilee, Oyster, shark mesh, and various other models.

What’s interesting is that just changing the strap/bracelet can change the appearance of the watch significantly and can be mixed-and-match with the clothes worn. The replacement process is not too long, that is, by first removing the spring bar on the clock first. Although initially it seemed difficult and needed a tool, after trying it out it was not as difficult as thought, it could even be done quickly. What’s more, if you replace the strap like NATO, Zulu, and perlon, you don’t need to remove the spring bar. Do not forget to choose a strap/bracelet also adjust the clock model, lug width, maybe you even have allergies with certain materials.