This is the reason for Pumpkin Always on Halloween

At Halloween, you will often see pumpkins on display outside the house to add a scary impression to the house. Besides pumpkin, of course, what you have to prepare for Halloween is the right costume. You can choose halloween masky to add a scary impression on your Halloween.

Pumpkins, which are usually on display at Halloween, have become a separate tradition when Halloween arrives. Actually, there is a cultural shift about the use of pumpkins on the night of Halloween celebrations. In the past, people used purple radishes filled with candles and given to those left behind by their dead family members. However, because of the difficulty of getting purple turnips, replace them with pumpkins.
Jack O ’Lantern, or wax-filled pumpkin, which is usually carved with a kind of face picture, is a symbol that is sure to be on every Halloween night. It is an iconic object that must be on every homepage for those who celebrate Halloween. This has an inverted meaning to its original purpose when carved to resemble a scary face, which means a dead soul.