The importance of the primer/base paint

One of the most economical and easiest ways to provide defense on the walls of your home is to paint it. Painting attempts to keep the surface of the wall clean and durable and prevent the growth of moss and mold. Meanwhile, visit if you want to hire the professionals to paint your property.

However, in the process, many mistakes can occur. Instead of being more pleasing to the eye, the walls of the house actually become more messy and dirty.

One of the most common mistakes is painting without using primer/undercoat first. Many people ignore the importance of base paint in the painting process to save costs. However, this perception is not true. The application of the base paint is very important to make the color paint stick stronger and longer lasting and to highlight the selected color paint.

Usually, you cannot detect problems until the painting process is complete – and often, rice has become porridge. Problems will potentially arise when you paint walls from darker to brighter colors.

For example: If you want to paint a dark red wall to light blue without applying base paint, the light blue color cannot penetrate the base color (dark red). As a result, the color of the wall becomes mixed and certainly not pleasing to the eye.