Basic Principles of NLP


If you are joining NLP courses, then you will know that there are several basic principles for understanding NLP as a whole. Here are some of them:

– Self. Ourself is the most important part of every intervention process in NLP because the new NLP becomes useful if we use it in its entirety. As a knife can be used to cook or injure others, the good or bad effects of NLP are also determined by ourselves as NLP practitioners. Likewise, our level of success in using NLP also depends on how our experts master every detail. The more congruent we are, the more successful we are. Congruent here is when our goals, beliefs, and values are in line with the behavior and speech we do.

– Presuppositions. Presuppositions are the basic principles of NLP that are used to develop and apply NLP techniques. It is taken for granted, which distinguishes NLP compared to others.

– Rapport. Rapport is a quality relationship that results from the mutual trust. You can only get rapport only if you can understand and understand the way other people see the world from their point of view. In other words, rapport is like we speak in another person’s language. When we already have rapport, the people we talk to will feel appreciated and immediately become more responsive. Even if it can be built instantly, in the long run, rapport requires high trust.

– Outcome. The key to mastering the basic skills of NLP is to understand in detail what you want and be able to help others to also understand in detail what they want. NLP skills are always based on a focus on thinking about the results we want, so we always take action that is goal-oriented.

– Feedback. Once we understand what we want, we must always pay attention to the results we have achieved so far, so that we always know what to do next. This is what is called feedback. We must continue to pay close attention to the various information that we can through what we see, we hear, and we feel.

– Flexibility. When you know what you want and what you get so far, it is also when you have to have enough strategies to achieve it. One way does not work, immediately use another method. NLP always encourages everyone to always focus on goals and be flexible in using various ways to achieve them.