How to Boost Your Chance of Passing B1 English Test

Yes, you can find out the location of B1 English test prep by simply visiting The matter now is the chance to pass the exam. Here are the tips for you to ensure that you will take the exam successfully so that you don’t need to repeat it in a few months later.

– Pay attention to the speed of your speech. Especially when tense, we tend to talk too fast and spoken words cannot be heard clearly. Remember that your examiner will hear you from the recording alone, not to let them miss important points that you say.

– Pay attention to your volume. Your answer will be recorded by the computer, so pay attention to the violence of your voice so that it can be heard well by the test assessor.

– Use a short preparation time intelligently. Write down the important arguments that you will talk about so you don’t forget any points, but don’t write answers word for word, because you won’t have enough time to compile all your answers. The assessor can also distinguish if you read the writing or actually speak comfortably.