How You Can Place The Gazeboo At Your Back Yard

The gazebo is a building in the park, usually, each side is open because according to its main purpose, theĀ marquee is a comfortable place to enjoy the park. With the open side, you who are inside can enjoy the view of the park more freely also can enjoy the air that blows unobstructed on each side.

To get a comfortable gazebo, of course, there are some things that must be considered when you will make it. Among these are the following.

Gazebo area
The ideal size for gazebo buildings is at least 2 meters x 2 meters. Considering that the gazebo will be a place to gather, a room is spacious enough so that those in the gazebo can enjoy the freedom without having to lack a place for activities.

Gazebo Size Comparison with Parks
Given the size of the gazebo that must be met for comfort, the gazebo is not suitable for a small garden. If you have a garden that is large enough, you should also not make a gazebo that is too large so that the comparison with the garden is balanced and does not make the garden look too full. The right comparison for the gazebo is 1/5 of the park area. Thus, the beauty of the park can be more exposed and can be enjoyed from within the gazebo.

Gazebo layout
A gazebo can be located on the edge of the park or in the middle of the garden. Mostly, the gazebo is placed in the middle of the garden because it will make the owner feel the atmosphere of the garden more intact. Noteworthy is that the gazebo is not built under a large tree or fruit tree. The reason is that large or thick trees can cover the gazebo so that the sun is blocked and can cause the roof of the gazebo to moss.

Choose the right furniture
To add to its comfort, the gazebo is usually equipped with supporting types of furniture such as tables, storage cabinets, lamps, chairs and more. The location of the gazebo which is in an open room and with an open side makes the gazebo building and the furniture in it must face the hot sun, splashing of rainwater, cool air, and various other weather conditions.