Do These Fun Activity When You Visit Thailand

Vacationing is certainly a very fun activity that you can do. Because you can momentarily forget the many activities that you do every day. There are many holiday destinations that you can visit. Starting from within your own country, to abroad. One of the most chosen tourist destinations is Thailand. There, you can use the services of Car Rental Thailand to get comfortable transportation.

When in Thailand, there are lots of fun things you can do. In fact, besides culinary, there are a number of other exciting things that you can’t miss while there. Some of the exciting things are

– Visit the beach
Thailand also has many beautiful beaches. If you are bored with the atmosphere of Pattaya, try peeping at Phi Phi Island and Ko Samet.
Phi Phi Island can be reached from both Phuket and Krabi and only takes 45 minutes by speedboat or 90 minutes if you use the ferry. If you like views of tropical beaches with a range of beautiful natural rock formations. Besides the place, there are many other beaches that can be your choice.

– Visit various temples
The two temples that are currently popular are White Temple and Blue Temple. These two places are in the Chiang Rai area and are open from eight in the morning until six in the afternoon. To enter White Temple you will be charged 50 Thai Bath, while for Blue Temple you can enter free.
If you will visit the temple, make sure to dress neatly and politely. The way you speak must also be in a small voice, and take off your feet before entering the inside of the temple.

– Try fragrances
If you like aromatherapy, Thailand can be your paradise! Try playing to Chatuchak Market guaranteed to be crazy. You can find fragrances in all forms. Starting from soap, perfume, diffuser, bath bomb, essence oil, bath salt, until the flowers are dried.